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101+ Easy Korean Phrases

By DinoPhia

  • Release Date: 2014-12-20
  • Genre: Langues étrangères


This ebook is for students who want to learn and improve their Korean language! The phrases written in this ebook are expressions in general conversation spoken by native speakers. Some phrases are indicated as ‘informal’ for you. As you know, it is common for Koreans to use honorific expression (* noted as ‘formal polite’ in this ebook), when the listener is older or of higher social status than the speaker.

This 101+ Easy Korean Phrases ebook will be helpful for you when…
* You don’t have time to learn Korean language.
* You travel Korea.
* You watch Korean TV shows.
* You want to improve your Korean language.

This book is intended for beginner to intermediate students. Advanced students will also find this ebook useful to study Korean language. Note that this book is not suitable for absolute beginning learners, who do not read Korean at all.

If you want to learn and practice Korean language more, check out our blog at http://DinoPhia.com for more information. There are podcasts, articles, and video tools to help you improve your Korean!

We hope you enjoy the book!

Table of Contents

How to Read Korean (hangul)
13 Ways to Introduce Yourself
12 Ways to Say Hello & Goodbye
8 Ways to Say Yes and No
9 Ways to Ask How Someone Is Doing
9 Ways to Answer How I Am Doing
14 Ways to Say Thank You
12 Ways to Say You’re Welcome (as a response to Thank You)
6 Ways to Say I’m Sorry
9 Ways to Say It’s Okay (as a response to I’m Sorry)
18 Ways to Say Excuse Me
18 Phrases for Shopping
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