The Voice that Remembers - Adhe Tapontsang, Joy Blakeslee & Dalai Lama

The Voice that Remembers

By Adhe Tapontsang, Joy Blakeslee & Dalai Lama

  • Release Date: 2012-11-12
  • Genre: Biographies et mémoires


When Adhe Tapontsang--or Ama (Mother) Adhe, as she is affectionately known--left Tibet in 1987, she was allowed to do so on the condition that she remain silent about her twenty-seven years in Chinese prisons. Yet she made a promise to herself and to the many that did not survive: she would not let the truth about China's occupation go unheard or unchallenged.

The Voice That Remembers is an engrossing firsthand account of Ama Adhe's mission and a record of a crucial time in modern Tibetan history. It will forever change how you think about Tibet, about China, and about our shared capacity for survival.